• India
    One thousand faces

    Exploration of Kashmir. A story in the train to Mumbai. And pictures from de south of India

  • Cambodia. Close to the sea

    Serie of pictures from Cambodia. Close to the sea, the concern goes away. The peaceful life of people marked by painful conflicts.

  • South east-asia. From above

    Serie of pictures from above. Exploration of Laos, Thailande, Cambodia and Vietnam.


    With this series I went in search of the passage of time.


    With this serie, I'm interesting in the life expectancy of an image. Is the image abandonned after its creation? Or is it a source of a new inspiration?


    These imposing buildings are reduced to a simple geometric shapes.

  • Côte d'Opale

    Design exploration. North-west of France


    I want to explore different worlds, places, and to restore them. So that the viewer can find in these images a part of himself, a memory, a moment lived. I am not trying to define a world but to create the imagination. Imagination is a part of childhood, the simplicity and the dream of everything to each. To work it is to build and to reveal that personality. My photographs remain a part of mystery, a space to fill, dedicated to the viewer.

    I don't want to confine myself inside an exclusively virtual and digital art. Photography allows myself to be better, this is a window between me and the real world. I like the image, what it carries and its creation methods. We are confronted to the image at any moment. Sometimes it's positive. Sometimes it's negative. The photography is not imperative, it offers itself to the viewer. This is what I particularly appreciate in this art of manipulating the image.